This coming father’s day is going to be super special for us because it will be my husband’s first father’s day as a father. I am already getting all Pinterest mood board ready to attempt to give him the best day ever.

My gift to him will be a home made one that involves our baby, I’ll reveal it after father’s day on an Instagram post ūüėČ

Anyhow, I wanted to share 5 great gift ideas you can get for your baby daddy without breaking bank.

1. There is nothing sexier than a groomed man. Personally I am not a fan of beards but as long as it is clean and groomed I’ll go with the flow.
2.This is not my go to¬†choice when buying a gift, but if your baby daddy needs the clothes, this is a good time to give him that special t shirt or button down shirt¬†that you ¬† know he will use to no end.3. Nothing is more attractive for me, than a man who smells delish. Just fresh and clean4. In our family we are all about fitness and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, so tennis shoes are a must. If you use them on a regular basis they get worn out very fast and you can injure yourself, so it’s good to change them up every few months. The other option is stylish shoes to go out on date night…hint hint ūüėČ


5.¬†Nothing is ever going to be more special and unique, than a home made gift. I am not very good with making things so I’ve relied on shutterfly to help me out. I cannot recommend it enough!




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