We are very close to Valentine’s Day or, well…ok, it’s tomorrow and usually for this event, whether it be friends or couples, people enjoy going out for a nice dinner. Today, I want to give you a preview of the most fab restaurants you can go in Panama where you will eat a delicious dinner not only for a special occasion but for any time of year.

These are restaurants that have a great ambiance which is key but also really good food for those that are true foodies or, like me, that enjoy going out but at the same time watch what I eat. These have a nice balance of both.

As I went to making this list I thought of many more restaurants to recommend so in another post I’ll make another list narrowing it down for places to have brunch, lunch and mid afternoon pick me up, my beloved coffee.

Anyways, here we go with my top restaurants:

  1. BRUTTO RESTAURANT: It is located in the heart of Panama, San Francisco area. Great ambiance with creative dishes great for sharing. My top picks: KFC and Octopus with Tapioca
Photo courtesy of: www.degustapanama.com


Octopus with Tapioca

2. CABANA: Located inside the eclectic YOO Panama. As soon as you walk in you       feel in a European destination. Great terrace view to have a drink around 5pm and enjoy the sunset.

Photo: www.degustapanama.com

3. OCHO Y MEDIO: Located in the new up and upcoming areas of the city, Casco Antiguo. It has great ambiance and food. If you are lucky you may coincide with one of their secret electronic parties 😉


Photo: www.fernandoalda.com
Photo: www.ochoymediopanama.com

4. DONDE JOSE: Also located in Casco Antiguo, it is very small and quaint restaurant. It only fits two tables and a few chairs at the bar area. It is a prefixed menu with what the chef feels like making that day. Every dish is paired with a divine cocktail. It is a fabulous experience especially for Panama where you don’t see restaurant options like these.

Photo: www.theworlds50best.com
Photo: www.degustapanama.com

5. GRAPES: This restaurant is not new like the ones above but it is definitely a classic that you have to go to at least once. I adore this place because time passes by and service and food is consistent. For me, the best dish to have is the Tuna Tartar hands down (as soon as I am done being preggo, heading here to have my tartar…ohhh can’t wait!)

Photo: www.grapes.com.pa


BONUS: Recently, Market and La Posta have re opened its doors to the public. If you want a good family ambiance, then the Market side is for you but if you want a bit more dressy but with amazing menu, La Posta is for you.

My recommendation for Market: Roasted Chicken Summer Salad or the Hamburger

For La Posta I recommend the entire menu, it is not a big menu but everything is really good and comforting.

For reservations: 264 94 01

Hope you enjoyed and it opened up your appetite.




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Great post! Our country has a lot to offer.

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