I have always been super pale skin but when I was younger I insisted on being tanned or as dark as I could be. I would lay out all summer at noon when the sun was at its worst (off course I did not know that) and “tan”.

Because of this I have freckles all over my shoulders which I have learned to love but truth be told, with all I know now about the sun, it scares me to lay out without any protection. So, maturity has happened and I have learned to love my pale skin, embrace it. I have learned that I rather have pale skin than cancer or sagging wrinkly skin.

So, here in Panama is technically summer (it rains every other day…global warming) so in order to achieve that summer glow my go to products for my face is a good highlighter to add that special glow and some shimmer for the body.

I love Victoria Secret shimmer because it gives you that body shine plus it smells amazing. Off course you could use a self tanner but personally I am not into that because it leaves my hands orange and when the color starts coming off it looks a bit weird, but that’s just me.

If you have a self tanner that you recommend send it my way, I would be happy to try it.

Hope you guys take care of your skin this season and enjoy this post!







































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