Usually, when I am running around town I am constantly using huge bags, well, because when I am on the run I carry EVERYTHING with me and by that I mean from my daily planner to my jug of water, shoes and beyond. All this so I don’t have to come back to my house and waist time in traffic.

But when I have to go out at night or to a festival I am all for a mini cross body bag that leaves my hands free to dance or hold my darling hubby.

This bag in particular is very dear to me for several reasons. The first one is, I never thought I would be the owner of a Bottega Veneta bag and my husband gave it to me as a surprise for our leather anniversary. The second reason, is that it seems very small but let me tell you/recommend when getting a bag this size, make sure it has many compartments.

This bag in particular has zippers with plenty of space on the bottom, and inside has two big pockets to fit almost everything. The best part of it all, the chain can be adjusted so it can be used as an evening bag for a formal event.

As additional info, I have been able to fit in this bag the following: My sunglasses, my Samsung S7, my card holder with all my IDs and my house keys.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Cross body bag

Mango dress and Bottega Veneta

Mixing black and baby pink

Small but practical cross body

Photo by: Pablo Gonzalez

Dress: Mango

Ankle boots: Romano

Mini cross body: Bottega Veneta

Choker: Chiara Ferragni Collection


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