As countries open, try to get back on the grind and push the economy forward, some countries are closing again.

For us, as of now, we are not closing but apparently we will receive Christmas under lockdown, which no one is really looking forward given that our lockdown was quite strict.

But in the mist of it all there is always a silver lining, these are mine which I am sharing with you all in case you need to be uplifted, maybe my list is the same as yours and you are just not looking at it because all of this uncertainty can sometimes cause for us to not see the blessings that are in front of us, so here it goes:

  1. Spent more time in my home
  2. Fixing and refreshing certain corners of my house to give it that finishing touch
  3. Taken so many good and sometimes not so good courses, where either way, I have learned from
  4. Valued even more the extra help I have around the house
  5. Valued how my husband works constantly and doesn’t let himself get beaten down by the circumstances. I’ve always known but now seeing it live everyday is just beautiful.
  6. Been able to develop patience so I can teach Sergio his school work
  7. Sergio’s teachers and their amazing work
  8. Being able to see my kids every detail as they have grown up these past few months
  9. How I have been able to get my fitness on and get stronger and stronger
  10. Relaxed a bit about the world around me and develop projects at my own space and time with God’s guidance.

As I wrote these, I have been pleasantly surprised of what came up and that I think I could have written a couple more. How about you?

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