Hi loves! Hope you are all doing a lot better and that you are handling better our new normal.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram I noticed that during quarantine I have been gravitating towards the same neutral colors. A lot of whites and blues with the occasional pastels.

I wanted to show you what these colors mean and how they can help you be calmer and less anxious. There are many more, but these are my go tos when I am getting dressed, specially during this time.

  1. blue: it helps calm a busy mind
  2. white: stick to warmer, creamier tones for a soothing effect
  3. tan: its warmness can remind us of candlelight.

I have realized that I happen to own a lot of clothes in those colors. I recommend you incorporate it in your daily clothes, little accents here and there. They will not only add calmness to your daily life but you will look stylish in the process.

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