Hello loves! Hope you are all hanging in there. I still have my days, some good, some not so good but trying constantly to fill my mind with things that I am passionate about and make me happy.

One of those things is fashion. I love it, makes me happy, the mixing and matching of clothes, fabrics and textures. During quarantine I have been able to play around a bit with what I have in my closet mixing and matching and just letting my creative juices flow.

There are a couple of trends that are here to stay post pandemic or at least hang out for a while as we ease into our «new normal».

Via elle.com
  1. Romantic minimalism: Expresses hope, pastel colors, khakis and even gray for those days when we can’t leave the house. Beautiful flowy dresses.
  2. Sporty chic: We are looking for comfort, high quality products that will take us from our workouts to hanging out in our homes to running a quick errand. That we can dump in the wash and know it will look great after several runs
  3. Masks: We cannot leave our homes without them so make them chic. I have bought from local designers from plain to fun ones with cool fabrics to give it a bit of an edge.
via yourstylefashionblog.com

We are going through tough times and we must stand up for what we believe in, give voices to those that need help getting heard. Doing it through fashion and helping them with their business is also a way to help. So whatever road you choose just do it wholeheartedly

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