As I started my pregnancy the first thing I focused on, other than nutrition, was on the creams to rub on my expanding belly. I started with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter that you get at the pharmacy and every pregnant woman seems to lather themselves with. I quickly found out that I was allergic to the cream. I would get a red warm rash from my boobs all the way down to my hips.

After this episode, I started looking for other creams that would not cause me this problem. I normally, pregnant or not, I always put lotion on my body after a shower but during pregnancy I wanted something thicker that would lock in moisture. Anyways, after intensely looking, I found this cream at a Walgreens that was 99% organic with a nice smell of Lavender, J.R. Watkins Body Butter, and still budget friendly. This one I would use during the day and at night I started using almond oil that I got at L’Occitane.

The problem now was, that the body butter is not sold in Panama and the oil from L’Occitane was a tad expensive and for 9 months, well you do the math. So, this my budget friendly solution.

I went to a local organic pharmacy and bought Almond oil, Mineral oil and Glycerine, mixed the 3 in my L’Occitane container and I spray for dear life from my chest all the way down to my hips and my lower back then a gentle massage, let it dry for a few minutes and finally put on the PJs.

For this mix, use old jammies cause you will stain a bit the sheets and clothes. For the day, I switched to Kiehl’s body lotion the jumbo size, with just one pump it reaches from chest to hips to lower back. So with this product you get a lot of bang for your buck, and I am a tall girl (5’10») so if it covers it for me, you should do great.

To sum it all up:


Kiehl’s body lotion, one pump that goes from chest to hips to lower back. After shower.


My mix of almond oil, mineral oil and glycerine, same areas as in the morning.

Added plus, all these products smell yummy so your partner will not complain 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If there is any tips or articles you would like for me to talk about, let me know in the comments.


Now that I am pregnant with baby #2 I am a bit more relaxed and have found an amazing cream that you can get on Amazon, called The Tummy Rub Butter. A little bit goes a long way. It costs $30 but I bought it back in February and we are now in May and I still have to last me maybe two more weeks, so it’s worth it. Plus, the smell is really mild, doesn’t stain your PJs or your sheets.



Ahora que estoy embarazada con mi segundo bebe, estoy mucho mas relajada de lo que estuve en mi primera vuelta. Conseguí una crema en Amazon, The Tummy Rub Butter. No me da alergias, no huele y no mancha ni la pijama ni las sábanas. La uso dos veces por día y me va genial. No es tan barata, cuesta $30, pero la compré en Febrero y ya estamos en Mayo y aún tengo para un par de semanas mas, así que considero que vale la pena.




Oils, Shea Butter, lotion

Shea Butter


Almond Oil


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