I am a huge fan of accessories, the thing is every time I start getting ready for the day, I get lazy. I just get dressed and rush out the door not thinking too much about what I am wearing.

What I mean is, clothing wise I do think about it, but accessories, it takes too long to actually see what works and what doesn’t. Well, in my search to simplify this, I have found the best piece ever!, the scarf.

So many ways to style it, so it’s a piece you can invest on and use multiple ways with many outfits. Amazing to take with you on a trip to change up your outfits 馃槈

In this case, the scarf came with these pants and I have just played with it to make the most out of it.

Hope you guys and enjoy this post and tell me, what other way would you wear a scarf?


As a necklace

As a chunky bracelet

As a Belt



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