Hello my loves! Lately I have been getting tons of questions of what I eat for snacks. This can be quite tricky because it can help you reach your goal or completely sabotage it.

I personally don’t tend to eat snacks mid morning. For some reason I find that the distance between breakfast and lunch is much shorter than the distance between lunch and dinner. The problem here is around 4ish I get these crazy cravings for something sweet or just wanting to eat whatever I can find in my pantry or refrigerator.

So, when I go grocery shopping I make sure to buy these snacks so I will guarantee that I don’t sabotage my process and remain healthy without sabotaging my fitness goals.

  1. banana with almond butter
  2. plain yoghurt with berries
  3. cherry tomatoes
  4. protein bar or shake

I love these snacks because they are easy, fast, practical to eat at home or on the go. They satisfy any cravings and the best part is they will not sabotage your fitness goals. Before I go, there are these cookies that I left for you in a previous post that OMG are they amazing, so healthy and fast to make plus vegan friendly. What are your go to snacks? Let me know

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