Today I wanted to show you my easy and delicious smoothie that I treat myself in the morning when I have no time to have breakfast or as an after workout snack. I’ve recently began making smoothies and let me tell you it has taken a me awhile to master, there are just some fruits that well, DO NOT mix well…hahaha. This combo shown here is the best one for beginners, quick and easy and all ingredients you can get at the super market and Vitamin Shoppe if you have one near by.

Also it is a nice mix of antioxidants, complex carbs and protein to keep you full all morning long or if taken as a snack to help you steer clear of those sweet cravings.

Go ahead, try it and let me know if you like it! If you have other smoothie recommendations let me know, I would love to try them as well.


Supermarket friendly ingredients
Ste 1: Whey Protein Vanilla Flavor
Step 2: Oatmeal
Step 3: Frozen berries
So pretty!
Step 4: Greek Yogurt
So yummy! Can’t wait
Step 5: Water or Almond Milk
Step 6: Blend away
Step 7: Poor in glass or mason jar
Step 8: ENJOY!
Easy morning smoothie


Photo by: Pablo Gonzalez



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