Panama is a very small country but so big in many aspects. First of, Panama means abundance of fishes and butterflies. We are so narrow that a canal was able to be built. It is a land of hard working, happy and relaxed people, always looking to have a good time, specially during carnivals…but that is another story and recommendation.

When you come and visit Panamathe main thing you need to bring is comfortable, cool clothes and off course your swimsuit.

Many things can be done here but the most fun and incredible places to visit, are our beaches.

I am showing you today a top 5 of beaches you can go when you can come visit us. Off course, there are many more but for now, I am narrowing it to these options that can work for surfers, family or for just hanging out.

Located in Bocas del Toro, 1 hour plane ride or 8 hours by bus. You can reach this beach via bus, taxi or hiking

You can get to Contadora via Ferry 1.5hours or by a 15 min. plane ride






It’s an amazing place for whale watching season










San Blas, THE most amazing beaches. Consists of 378 islands. Here it is as time stood still. Great place to just relax and disconnect

Santa Catalina, it’s a bit of a car ride away but so worth it if you love to surf. They have options for more experienced surfers and for beginners as well.

This island is 15 minutes away from the city. You can get there by ferry. It holds a special place for me because it is the island I would spend my summers



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