When I got married we still lived in my husbands loft. We were a bit tight but loved every minute of it. Later, we decided to remodel and expand the house to change it from a singles apartment to a full on family apartment.

This was a great opportunity to organize and make my house a home, but it did come with some challenges. Trying to get it all done made me exhausted and when it came time to organize my kitchen and closets I just dumped it all and closed the door.

When I finally had the energy I was contacted by Panama Closets that really helped me out, these were my take aways:

  1. Put tags on everything
  2. Use topper ware or glass jars to store things
  3. For the closets, use the same color hangers, it will make it look more organized eve if it is not
  4. Once a week take everything down and clean, dust everything off
  5. Once a month toss all the things you are not truly using

It may sound simple but it can get a bit overwhelming if you are not on top of it. This is what has helped me keep my house as much in order as possible.

Let me know if it helps.

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Super ideas, sometimes a little bit expensive in relation to the hangers, but sooner than later I know I will manage to have a more organized closet


So glad you liked it!
The hanger part can be a bit expensive but it does help having an organized closet. You use a lot more your clothes. Start with smaller things and eventually graduate to hangers. xo

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