A few months after Sergio was born we decided to travel to Cali, Colombia as a new family of three. 

My husband had to go for work and he wanted us to go with him since my father’s family is from there it would be a great 2 for 1 type of trip. Plus, and a big plus, the family wanted to meet Sergio. I have to say I was very nervous. I had never had a kid before and never had I had to travel with a 4 month old.

Also, here in Panama we have the luxury to have a baby nurse 24/7, so you are never really by yourself with the baby. On this trip it was just us three, no additional help, so off course I was petrified.

I pushed down any sense of fear and talked myself into knowing that I could do it. So here I am sharing the 5 things that helped me the most and allowed me to not come home exhausted but rested and happy.

  1. I talked to my paediatrician. What meds to take in case of anything, so we would be prepared.
  2. We booked the flight around his feeding time so he would be relaxed.
  3. All the time we were there, I stuck to his schedule. He ate and slept at the same times he did in Panama.
  4. I changed his diaper on the dot, every 2 hours, so he would be comfortable.
  5. Take your baby monitor. It will allow you to put your baby to sleep and be able to enjoy a nice glass of wine with your hubby while checking on baby

Hope you guys enjoy this post, let me know your thoughts and off course, your mommy tips are always welcome.


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