I have mentioned before that I suffer from anxiety. Nothing major, just sometimes on Mondays when the week starts I feel overwhelmed with all that has to get done between home, work, kids, it can get a bit too much and can cause me anxiety.

I have to say that during quarantine I have it so under control. I guess it’s because I have no place to be and I can fill my days with fun work and let my creative side run free. Also, every day is the same hahaha ground hog day so it doesn’t matter if it gets done on Monday or Wednesday, every day is the same.

Here are a couple of things I have learned to organize myself to not let anxiety get the best of me and I plan to continue it when we go back to the «new normal»:

  1. Live the present. Worrying about tomorrow will not bring about the solution
  2. Exercise (cardio, stretch, but get that body moving)
  3. Create a schedule of priorities and don’t divert from it
  4. Don’t say yes to everything, it’s good and healthy to say no
  5. There is no need to get all things done in one day, there are more days to the week.

Hope these tips help and allow you to live a more balanced and happy life.

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