When I asked on Instagram topics you wanted me to focus on, one that called my attention was this one. So I decided to do several series. This first one is how to set up a formal dinner or lunch table.

Then I will do one with a round table (which is quite confusing to know which one is your bread plate) and finally how to handle yourself at a formal dinner.

So lets get started with how to set up a basic formal table.

Here are the following tips to setting up or sitting down in a formal table. It can be quite daunting because sometimes you don’t know what is yours and what it the other persons.

  1. You can use a tablecloth or place mat, depends on the theme or material you wish to use
  2. Use a flat bottomed dish as decoration and then on top the dish for the main course.
  3. Always the utensils go from outside in. Which means appetiser or soup go on the outside and then work your way in to the main course.
  4. Utensils for dessert go on top of the plates
  5. Salad plate goes on the left side of the table and bread plate goes on top a bit to the side of that one
  6. Glasses go on the top right

Hope these simple steps help you with setting your first dinner table or when you are at an event.

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