I am huge fan of makeup, I love to buy eye shadows and eye pencils to play with different colors, styles and trends, but in reality I can’t play with makeup all the time. Most of the time my makeup is very easy and basic, accentuating my features so I look as put together as possible.

Deep cleaning with my Foreo before applying makeup

One of the keys to having a good makeup, to go on flawless, is to have your face very clean, no makeup residue (check out this post where I show how I deep clean my face). This is why I love cleaning my face with my FOREO LUNA 2. I use the side with the scrub to clean well and then the anti-aging side to help my facial creams and sunblock penetrate properly.

Once this is ready I go ahead and do my makeup. My go to are:

  1. Nars concealer and color moisturizer by Laura Mercier. This is a light cream that has good coverage and the concealer is ideal for this tropical weather.
  2. My powder from MAC Studio Fix to help seal.
  3. Eyebrow pencil to help define and fill in my eyebrows
  4. Mascara, the more the merrier. I love to see my eyelashes as black and full as possible.
  5. Blush. To me this one is key because it is what helps you not look dead and tired. I little bit of rosy cheeks will make all the difference.
  6. Gloss on your lips will give you the appearance of fuller lips and if you apply in the mid section a bit more, they will look even fuller.
  7. Highlighter from Nars, after searching for the perfect one, this one gives me that extra natural glow that I was looking for.

Let me know how it goes doing this very easy every day makeup.

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