As a new mom I have been using less and less makeup, I want to look fresh and made up but there is not enough time to go all out plus I don’t feel like it :/

I just feel like letting my skin breathe as much as possible and just being natural me, but the reality is, I still have wife and business duties.

By wife duties I mean, I sometimes have to go with my husband to dinners with clients or have a quick meeting to go to and as much as people understand that you are a new mom, that does not mean I get a free pass because you still want to look nice and presentable.

Below are my go to products that I use every day to give me that fresh, power woman face. Oh!…you may be wondering where is the lipstick or gloss, but I rarely use them, my go to is chapstick 😉


Prep and prime
For a flawless even complexion in Light Medium
Powder to set and highlighter in RedHead
Brown Eyeshadow in Brun for depth and Brow pencil in Fling
Blush for rosy cheeks in Whole Lotta Love
For a Daisy Duck effect, mascara


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