People tend to ask me what my days look like. Well, because I don’t work a 9-5 job my days can be very long, short, extremely busy or sometimes not that hectic, it all depends on how I manage my time.

My day starts at around 4:50/5am. I know it is very early but it is the time I have to go out for a run either alone or with my running team. It is my one hour a day that helps me get peace of mind and my fitness going on.

Between 7 and 7:30am I have breakfast, shower as fast as possible and take Sergio to school.

And then my day can shift between:

A) Running errands for my home. That means, supermarket, getting things fixed around the house.

B) Sending proposals to clients, answering emails.

C) Working on my blog, Instagram or editing my videos

D) Doing a photoshoot for my feed and/or clients

After one of these is done I go pick up Sergio around 1pm and take him to his swim class if he has a class or bring him home for his nap. I have lunch.

Then I continue whatever I didn’t finish in the morning. I usually fix my schedule so I can fit in a lunch with friends, get my nails or hair done and I usually try to be done by 4/4:30 so I can be with my kids the rest of the afternoon.

Off course there are days where I have events at night so I don’t get to see much of my kids but that depends on the season and it is usually between October and December, other than that it is not all the time I have events at night.

Finally I am winding down by 8 when my husband is home, kids are in bed and we have dinner together, usually a glass of wine and in bed, lights off by 10:30pm to start all over the next day.

What are your days like?

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