If you have been reading me for awhile now, you know I am obsessed with skincare. Everything that is out there I am willing to try it. My main go to is for sure my dermatologist, in depth treatments but for my day to day I like to keep my skin hydrated and plump.

I have tried many brands and like to rotate on a monthly basis, because I feel that it’s like doing the same squats every day, the same amount and same weights, you will not see results because your body becomes accustomed to it. So, I think it is important to change it up a bit every once in awhile.

Creams can be expensive and off course the more they cost the more of the active ingredients it has, but not all of us have major budgets to buy expensive creams all the time. So today, I wanted to share a line of products that I bought recently and my skin is loving it.

I always saw Vichy and thought, because of the packaging that it would be really expensive, but it is affordable and you get a good amount for your money. It has a complete line from sunblock to day and night creams, even make up (which I haven’t seen yet at the pharmacy, but online). I like how easy and fast it is to use and it takes no time to have perfect skin, plus it absorbs great in our hot and humid weather.

Try it and let me know your thoughts

Si has estado leyendo mi blog, sabes lo obsesionada que soy con el cuidado de mi piel. Claro, mi dermatóloga es mi numero 1 pero para cuando estoy entre citas, me gusta usar productos que van a ayudar a mi piel a estar en las mejores de las condiciones.

Personalmente, no me gusta casarme con una sola marca por que siento las cremas son como el gimnasio. Si haces lo mismo todo el tiempo, el cuerpo se acostumbra y ya no ves cambios. Pienso que con la piel pasa igual. Pero recientemente buscando la próxima linea a probar encontré Vichy. Al inicio no me atrevía por que pensé que seria muy cara pero analizando, el precio calidad esta bastante bueno, rinde un montón y se absorbe super bien incluso para nuestro clima.

Tienen una gran variedad desde bloqueadores, cremas para el día y para la noche y hasta maquillaje (esos no los he visto en la farmacia pero se los vi a mi dermatóloga) definitivamente es una muy buena linea para el cuidado de nuestra piel y la recomiendo 100%.

Si la usas, cuéntame que tal te ha funcionado.




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