On September 11 I became a mother of two. Everyone told me how smooth it was going to go, that baby #2 is easier because you are much more relaxed than with baby #1.

To be honest, I was pretty relaxed with Sergio but for sure what has changed the most is the fact that I can hear her crying while in the car or things like that, that before would drive me crazy because I didn’t understand why, now I just roll with it and understand that sometimes they just cry because it is their way of communicating.

I must say, that I acknowledge how lucky I am to have wonderful women in my life that help me out a lot. This allows me to work at least part time.

Besides this what I think helps is being very organized, have a book and write everything down, it helps because for some reason, your brain goes out the window. Plan your day every night so you are not stressing, even plan the hours you will dedicate to your kids. Ask for help, there are only so many hours in the day.

Finally, dedicate an hour to yourself, whatever it is you love doing go ahead and do it. Don’t loose yourself. Even though being a mom is the most wonderful thing, you need to do you as well.

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