One of the main things I have learned during quarantine is how important is to have a closet full of basics. At first I never really understood the importance, I just found it boring. I thought to have a good closet one had to have many colorful pieces.

Now that we have been under lockdown I have realized the importance of having and living in neutrals. So many combinations can come out of it, you will always look spotless and it will seem like you have so much clothes.

The best part is you can make it different by just adding a different necklace or belt. Change it up with a colorful lipstick or fun shoe. Add a belt, bag or style your hair differently and it will look like a completely different out fit.

My top basics you need and should invest in:

  1. white tshirt
  2. white button down blouse
  3. black pants
  4. jeans
  5. blazer
  6. khaki pants
  7. black top

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