Hi there! This is my last couple of weeks being pregnant and I have to say I am very excited. This time around my pregnancy has been very different as I’ve mentioned before. Feeling more tired, my bump feels heavier  and these last weeks really bad acid reflux but I have been able to workout my entire pregnancy and all my scary thoughts that I had with Sergio have kind of gone away, which has allowed me to be much more relaxed.

Also, I live now in my own home so I was able to decorate my kids rooms however way I wanted which gave me a lot to look forward to.

The other thing was that without planning it I became pregnant with 3 friends. It was funny how we all found out we were pregnant at the same time. But it made the entire process so much fun and easier, being able to share your experiences with a friend that was pregnant for the second time, like me and being able to share my experience with two other friends that were pregnant for the first time, it has been a truly priceless time.

Now, out of the four of us, three have given birth to healthy babies, and as for me, well, surprise! tomorrow is my due date. Because Sergio had to end up in a C-Section, Alana will be arriving this way as well.


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