This has been my best marathon yet. I decided that after I gave birth I was going for the Berlin Marathon. I started training a month after giving birth, which was a bit crazy given that I delivered via c-section and you are supposed to wait 3 months to start training, versus natural birth where you can train practically the next day.

But I went for it (I DONOT recommend this for everyone). I had trained my entire pregnancy, I felt healthy and strong and I listened to my body constantly. I ate very healthy, getting all the vitamins and minerals my body needed to function that intensely and I had trained before for two other marathons, so my body knew what to expect.

The months went by and I trained everyday without missing a beat. I have to say I have the best husband in the world. Jose Luis was beyond supportive, he cheered me on every step of the way and pushed me when I did not want to even move out of bed.

Finally, the day of the marathon came and comparing this marathon to the New York Marathon, I enjoyed this one much more for several reasons. First, my body felt incredibly strong, I didn’t even get injured during training, which can happen a lot, I trained 4 months ahead of time so I didn’t get annoyed with the intensity of the training. Also, NYC you are constantly running uphill while Berlin it is flat and sometimes even downhill.

Marathon day was amazing, I lived the Adidas experience with the Adidas Runners which was super fun. The expo is very small compared to NYC so you don’t feel overwhelmed and you can go through it pretty fast.

The day of the marathon was pretty cold for my standards so I waited my turn in the Adidas Runners lounge which was nice and toasty. Running the race was amazing, the scenery, the people cheering you on every single km, you were never alone.

When I encountered my husband on the 37km mark, first, it was an amazing surprise and second, I was happy and smiling, I was doing the time I wanted and felt good. My body wasn’t shutting down so I was able to keep on going, no problem.

I guess, the one thing that was hard for me was that it was raining and it was cold, so I never really warmed up and was freezing the entire time. But all in all I was happy and blessed to be there so I didn’t care.

Crossing that finish line was the best feeling ever. I felt good, strong and empowered. I look forward to running many more marathons across the world. I just love that feeling.

In the end, I love to run and that is what I wanted to do after baby to prove myself that I hadn’t lost me, who I was, in the process of becoming a mother. I am proud to one day tell my son and that he will be proud of me and show him that women are strong, powerful and we can do it all if we set our hearts and minds to it.

That he should admire and respect all women because we can conquer the world one km at a time.

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