I met my dermatologist, Glynnies Reyes, about five years ago. I had seen several dermatologists in my life time but never really trusted them all the way. There was always something that made me cringe, can’t quite pin point it but there it was.

After I met Glynnies, I loved how she worked. She is not only super professional but she is very honest in that if you will not take care of your skin she will not do it. It is not about the money for her, it is about the patient all the way. Plus, she is always with the best equipment to better treat her patients.

I have done several things with her to maintain my skins collagen and boy has it helped but when I want that instant glow and cleanliness I get a silk peel.

This type of facial is truly amazing, not only does your skin feels clean but looks super clean giving it that extra glow, plus you can ask for the combo depending on your needs. It can be anti-aging, sun spots, hydration, to target and make your skin look replenished.

I can’t recommend it enough. I love it when I come back from a trip where my skin feels dehydrated or when I am ready to do a chemical peel. The results are above and beyond a typical facial.

It is because of her that my skin is looking better now at 37 than it ever did in my 20s. *She is the one to blame for my obsession with sun block.

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