Hello everyone! It is the most magical time of the year again. We all know how this year has been going and how hard it has been for all of us in all sense of the word but we must not lose sight of the importance of the season.

I am not big on gifts and getting my kids tons and tons of them. I prefer getting them 3 gifts that they will truly enjoy and above all, value.

This year Alana is 1.3 years old so I am only getting her clothes because the poor thing has survived quarantine and great part of 2020 with her brother’s clothes so it’s about time she gets her own. So this years list is mainly focused on Sergio, who is now almost 4 years old and is way more aware.

So here are my purchases for Christmas with direct links to them. Also, because of COVID I did not want to spend my days in a mall or in a toy store, so I purchased all via Amazon. All has arrived and is ready for Christmas morning.

  1. Loved this Play-Doh Wheels Excavator. It’s an easy fun gift, parent friendly (no need for batteries, yay!)
  2. For girls, pre teens, this reversible mermaid bag plus all the sequin goodies that come inside, I found it to be so fun
  3. Sergio is obsessed with Pokemon. I made the mistake of buying lego Pokemon and the tiny pieces were a disaster, so this plush toy is just perfect
  4. More Play-Doh construction toys. Great to let lose their imagination
  5. This How to Train your Dragon hatching egg, I thought it to be so much fun, specially if you are a fan of this great movie
  6. Finally, because electronics can not be all avoided, this dinosaur will be great fun for Sergio, I will probably regret it later but he will enjoy it so, here we go.

These are my gifts for my son and from the family to him. Short, sweet, to the point and within budget.

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