All my life I have been a fan of taking care of my skin, not only my face but also my entire body. I am always applyig moisturizer all over, even in this tropical humid weather. I love discovering new creams and products that will optimize my skin helping me look as radiant as posible, because right now my latest obsession is the more glowy my skin, the better. 

I have discovered several brands and products that with the support of my dermatologist I have seen amazing results on my skin. One of the most important factors before applying any cream or tonics is a deep cleanse of your face. Before I would use the towlettes to remove my makeup but it always left some residue and with my job, having to apply makeup daily, this was not an option. 

A while back I started trying Clinique’s makeup removers and they have truly helped me remove the heaviest of makeups but in addition to this I have been using the Foreo LUNA 2. 

Prepping my face with soap and water
Deep cleaning with my Foreo

This tiny machine (fits in the palm of my hand) has helped me remove any dirt and excess makeup from my face. I have become such a fan because I feel it leaves my skin super clean and tight after every use. Because it has a pulsating effect, you feel rejuvenated after every use.

Learning to use it is super easy, you just have to charge it (I use it twice a day and have been using it for over a month and it still has battery. I have charged it once since I got it), you just wet it, and rub it on your face with a bit of soap. I use the side with the tiny hairs to deep clean and after I am done I wash my face, the FOREO LUNA 2 and we are done. 

Adding my oils to hydrate my skin
Using the massage/anti aging side of my Foreo so my oils and creams penetrate better

The other thing it has is the other side is the anti aging massage, which right now, with a new born, I need all the extra help. it helps you minimize the wrinkles on your face and penetrate even better your hydrating cream. In any case, I fully recommend it for the durability of the battery, the silicone material is hypoallergenic so it guarantees no fungi grows, cleans your face to perfection and for applying your creams, using the anti aging side you will feel it penetrates even better leaving your skin radiant and not wanting to apply any makeup afterwards. 

Clean and fresh face

My skin texture has improved dramatically and now after heavy makeup I don’t break out and even if I am tired my skin looks and feels amazing and that is something that sometimes even with the best creams doesn’t happen.

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