I know I am a bit behind with this post but the important thing is that it’s now here!! Ok, so I wanted to share this very special night with you guys.

I have been working on the blog and social media for a while now and let me tell you it is not an easy task so when I got invited to this Cartier party I felt beyond excited and special. It was held inside Teatro Amador (a super fun bar/club at Casco Antiguo, in Panama), for the launch of the new Panthere.

The music was amazing, the people were super hyped up. You know when the vibe is just amazing? Well, that’s how it felt.

Not only was the party amazing but the decoration was super cool. It transported you to a vintage hotel. Teatro Amador is pretty much that but with the added Cartier Panthere decoration was just perfect.

To add to such a special night, Maserati offered to get me and my husband in a car from the brand. Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience. Such a smooth ride you would not believe. If you ever get an experience like this I strongly suggest you take it. You’ll feel like a queen arriving to the ball.

As for my dress, I wanted something sophisticated yet trendy, so I went for a classic little black dress, wet look sleek back hair and a smoky eye.

With this classic outfit you can never go wrong.



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