I have to say that I still can’t believe I am a mom. I look at my baby and how fast he is growing and I can’t believe how he was inside me. It is really surreal this whole process. It’s funny, when you are pregnant people tell you it is this deep love you feel immediately but personally it hasn’t been that way for me.

It has been a gradual thing. The way I feel about Sergio today is not even close to how I felt when he was born. I am more and more in love with him now. The way he looks at me, how he talks to me in his baby language. I see him absorbing in the world, he understands everything we tell him.

This has been such a special journey that I am happy to do again. It hasn’t been easy but for sure it has been a beautiful ride that I have no doubt will only get better.

Sharing these first months with such a special brand as Chicco has only made this journey more enjoyable. My favorite moment is bath time. Sergio loves his bath, splashing all over the place. He now moves so much but I don’t worry about his body wash or shampoo because I know it won’t hurt his eyes, plus it smells so good!

My other absolute fave, Chicco’s cologne. Let me tell you, you will want to put it on yourself hahaha

Here is a small glimpse into my moments with my baby



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