Una camisa blanca es un clásico que todas tenemos que tener. Yo les he ido tomando cariño por lo versátiles y frescas que son, ademas se adaptan a cualquier clima y estilo.

Hoy decidi mostrarles la forma mas clásica, que es un jeans ancho y sandalias. Me encanto por que es muy cómodo y se aplica perfecto para cualquier evento o momento que nosotras las chicas tengamos con tal solo cambiarle los zapatos por unos tacones altos.

Sin duda, se ha vuelto una de mis combinaciones favoritas. Espero lo disfruten 🙂


A white shirt is something all women need to have in their closets. I have started to love them because of how versatile, fresh they are, plus, they can adapt to any style and weather.

Today, I decided to show you the most classic form to match this shirt. Wide leg jeans and sandals. I love that it is really comfortable and perfect for any event or moment us girls might have, you just change flats for heals and you are good to go.

No doubt, this has become one of my favourite looks. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Photo by: Javier Sucre

White Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Pants: Quinta Estacion

Sandals: Zara

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