Tuve la oportunidad de compartir con los artistas de M.A.C. Cosmetics en Soho Mall donde me presentaron uno de los servicios que ofrecen, One on One. Lo que esto significa es que separas una clase con uno de los artistas y ellos te van explicando y realizando paso a paso el maquillaje de un lado de la cara mientras que vas tu del otro lado de la cara practicando lo que te han enseñado. Esta opción me pareció genial ya que es una manera mas efectiva de aprender a realizarte tu propio maquillaje.
Hoy me enseñaron a realizarme un maquillaje que normalmente me hago, el smokey eye, pero con colores que nunca uso.
Me aplicaron colores desde el morado oscuro hasta un tono amarillo atardecer para difuminar los tonos.
I had the opportunity to spend time with M.A.C. makeup artists of Soho Mall where they talked to me about all the services they offer, other than selling makeup, one of the services which I liked was called One on One. This means you have one on one time with your makeup artist where he/she does your makeup on one side of your face while you do the other half with the artist next to you. Personally, I find this method of learning fantastic because if you practice as the artist goes you will remember it better.
Today, they taught me how to do a colourful smokey eye. I usually go for smokey eye but without much color, just neutrals. In this case I have on my eyes deep purple, eggplant type color and even a sunset yellow color to mix in all the colors which I found fascinating and never would have thought it could work.

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P.D. Hay muchas otras opciones de clases en grupo o con tu amiga, también si solo deseas que te consientan y te hagan tu maquillaje para algún evento. Muy recomendado todos los productos.
P.S. There are many options from group classes or with just your friend. Even if you just want some pampering or makeup for a special event. I fully recommend their services.

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