We live in a world dominated by social media, we are constantly posting on our different social platforms, so much so, that it has become the way to market and monetize our businesses and even ourselves.

The question is, do you really understand it? What to look out for, how to maximize it, where to invest your marketing money and how to work with influencers?

If you don’t know the answers to most of these questions, I can help you.

Set a consultation to know and understand your brand and how to maximize it to get more out of it and have your business booming.

Every consultation is different, depending on your needs and where you want to go.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


«Stef helped me to have a broader knowledge with social media and I learned a lot more than just posting on Instagram. When you start a business, sometimes you don’t know how to manage such a broad subject and Stef guided me in a simple way that was easy to understand. Thanks to her I have been able to maximize my business getting the most out of it.» –Adriana Acevedo

«Ever since I decided to launch My Active Toddler, she supported me and gave me the best tips and push to get started with a business account. She guided me with my logo, helped me to read my metrics and how to grow my following.» –Carolina Salazar @myactivetoddler

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