Hello my loves! Recently I was invited to the online Dior Cruise 2021 runway show. First of all it is the first time I have been invited to a show as high end as this one, so even with it being online, I was beyond excited. It gave me a window to escape my normal quarantined self.

Now to the show and my favorite looks. The show was exquisite! the music transported you to another time and place, the dancers had such passion while moving their bodies. The scenography was filled with lights and positive messages that it is exactly what we all need right now. It was held in Lecce, Italy a place dear to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s heart behind closed doors.

The craftsmanship of the collection is a true celebration of Puglia’s traditional arts and crafts. From the art of weaving to the dazzling illuminated architecture. These creative dialogues between Lecce and Paris have been coming long before the pandemic, they decided to continue with it to support and showcase these artisans and artists now more than ever.

It was truly a beautiful show with an even more beautiful collection. I was able to envision the pieces being used separately or as a whole. These were some of my absolute favorites.

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