Growing up I was not a fan of sparkly things, not on my clothes or my accessories but as time went by, and specially now that I am an adult, give me anything sparkly, I’ll take it.

Mercurio joyeros is a jewellery store in Panama that has been around for decades. It is very special to all people in Panama, specially me because they helped my husband design my engagement ring, their tradition and family type business. You walk in there and you feel at home, always welcoming聽you with a smile and filled with patience to guide you to buy that special piece of jewellery.

I love going in the store and seeing all the amazing pieces they bring. Now, they are changing up the game giving more variety to their consumers with classic pieces as well as over the top statement and off course the new revolution, dainty delicate pieces that you can layer on any outfit.

Below is a sample of the gorgeous pieces you can find. Tell me, which one was your favourite? Personally, give me those emerald earrings anytime 馃槈


Classic pearls

Diamonds anytime

Dripping in diamonds

Hello Ruby

Can’t get enough of these earrings


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