I was about to start writing an article about my sentiments on BLM and how it has spread worldwide, creating change on individuals, businesses and societies in general.

It has been a truly beautiful movement to see and learn. My initial article was going to be on a reflection my pastor did a few weeks ago. He talked about how God created all of us equal the only difference is the amount of melanin on our skins, some have more, some have less but we are all the same and loved by God. I loved hearing this, it made me feel happy to hear it but then I went online and reading about other black influencers has made me change my sentiments.

So, back to the beginning, as I was about to write this article when I got distracted by Instagram (yet again) and a post on stories popped up. It was about how we are being racist with certain comments, even though we don’t mean it to be racist. Sadly, we have been brought up to think these comments are ok but we don’t realize how it does affect black people.

One example of the things I have been reading were, things like, every white woman can be used for a different category but a black woman is just a black woman, she is not considered for any other female role. It really struck me because I had never thought of it that way but it is so true and real. It is wrong.

If I am being honest, it doesn’t come natural to me and I mess up with my comments even though I don’t consider myself racist at all, I was brought up thinking certain comments were «normal». It is now up to me to keep on learning until it becomes natural to speak certain topics without hurting peoples feelings.

It is, sadly, how we as a society were brought up and things must change now, with us.

I hope you can relate to this article and for us as a community to educate each other and make a change in our lives so we can impact others in a positive way.

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