Hello my loves! Hope everyone is keeping healthy and sane during these times. Now that we have, for the most part been quarantined I have been wearing less and less makeup.

I always wear something because I felt and feel that it makes me look better than using nothing. I have learned during these times to wear minimal to no makeup and the appreciation it has brought about who I am as a person and how God created me. There is no need to cover who I am with tons and tons of makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, I like makeup when done professionally it looks amazing but for every day I have seen how my skin has transformed. I have learned to accept and rock my skin imperfections, just own it and feel powerful with them.

I remember a few years ago, Alicia Keys, said she refused to wear makeup, this is who she was and she owned it. At the moment I thought how amazing to be so sure of yourself to go out in public without anything on. Now, that I am older I understand what she was trying to do, to communicate, and I find it so amazing she had the guts to do it because we have been taught that we have to hide our imperfections with makeup.

Now that I am older I have learned to appreciate my own skin with all it has to offer. I still like makeup but learning to love yourself for what and who you truly are, without any masks is just priceless.

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