So 2017 has begun! Yay! I am so positive about this year and with so many plans I hope that I am able to do it all…hahaha. Any ways, today I wanted to show you the versatility of a mid size heel. I am usually the kind of person that goes for a full on flat shoe or a very high heel, even though I am 5’10”, those intermediate heels, not much of a fan but, I recently stumbled upon these dark blue strappy heels with a very comfortable small heel. I think what made me love it was the fact that it wasn’t a skinny heel but a chunky square one, so it looks more modern and trendy.

I paired it with this maxi dress but it can be paired with skinny jeans, shorts, pants or basically anything you would want, specially because of the color, make it easy to mix and match.

Hope you enjoy it todays post! Let me know your thoughts on the comments below.


Mara Hoffman
Comfy heel and Maxi dress
Summer atire
Make it fly
Show that back
Franck Muller Watch
Square heel
Square blue heel

Photos by: Pablo Gonzalez


Embracing mid size heels

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