Makeup for me is a daily thing because of my job on TV. Working in front of the camera I have to be made up constantly, the problem is, I am not a fan of foundation.

I don’t mind using it but I find it to be a bit heavy and always feel that after a couple of days using foundation my skin breaks out.

After discovering bb creams, I have found my solution for perfect skin and coverup. I started using Mac Cosmetics BB Cream after a friend recommended it and it has become my saving grace. It covers perfectly my entire face leaving it nice and dewy plus it is zero heavy on my skin and it lasts all day.

MAC Cosmetics

The other one I discovered very recently was Burt’s Bees BB Cream. I am a huge fan of this brand because the ingredients are natural and it is super affordable. So, I tried this cream and it covered perfectly my skin. I recently used it for traveling and my face looked radiant the entire trip.

Burt’s Bees


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