Any person that truly knows me, knows that I am not a fan of feet. It doesn’t matter who they belong to, I am just not a fan. But what I am a fan of is a well deserved spa treatment and taking care of your feet so they will look their very best.

The other day, the girl that I am working with now recommended I go to this new place in Costa del Este called Andar to treat myself. I was a bit skeptical for the reasons explained above but the reality was that I had ran a marathon this year plus a half marathon not too long ago and I continue to train every day plus wear high heels on a daily basis.

You can say that I am on my feet a lot. I walked in a bit hesitant and to my surprise it was nothing like I had ever been to before (feet place). You walk in and it is very clean, soothing and smells really nice. They take you in to one of the several private rooms they have, so you are not with everybody  at the same time.

Then they start the procedure. I took the VIP Essential treatment that lasted one and a half hours. It included a full deep cleaning of your feet, exfoliation, trim your nails, hydration, essential oils and ended with a 30 minute massage.

I loved how careful the girl was, how every thing was clean and sterilised. I was able to completely relax and disconnect for a bit.

I strongly recommend this place. They have several other locations, not only Sky Plaza in Costa de Este but also Hospital Punta Pacifica and Balboa Boutiques. They have different options for whatever you need.

Trust me you will love their treatments and will not regret it at all. I would recommend getting it done at least once a month.

If you live in Panama and go try it, let me know how it goes.




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