If there is a beauty product that I have found to be a life saver, are facial oils. At first I was a bit afraid to use them given that I live in a tropical country, which means, tons of humidity.

One would think, that living in such a country you don’t need the added moisture but really you do need that extra help.

I am showing you below two face oils I have been using, not together, but alternating them. I love them because well, the first one was a gift for me to try out, Nativo. It is a bit greasy so I love using it at night time.

The other one is from Kora organics. I have been a huge fan of Miranda Kerr for many years and when I saw she had products I just loved the packaging and I mean…have you seen that girl’s skin?! I wanted that…so, as soon as Kora Organics started being sold at Sephora, it was a no brainer..I ordered it online.

Kora Organics face oil, I find a bit lighter and you don’t need as many drops as with the Nativo brand.

Either one you choose is great because both have amazing antioxidants which helps your skin replenish after a long day. You wake up looking like you just came from a vacation. Plus, when traveling to drier countries, your skin will appreciate the love you have been giving it

Kora Organics



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