I saw on Instagram a recipe for oatmeal cookies. I mean it wasn’t really a recipe because nothing was measured and my first try was not perfect. I mean, it tasted good but since it was not measured the amount of coconut oil was too much.

This recipe is perfect if you are craving something sweet but healthy and also if you are vegan, this is great for you.


1 cup raw oats

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1 banana (or 2. I used only one)

Sugar free chocolate chips to taste


Mash and mix all the ingredients together until all is nice and blended together. Then make balls and place on aluminum foil


You can bake them on your air fryer. Mine is Phillips so I did it at 390 for 10min. I use the aluminum foil so it will be easier to clean afterwards. If you wish to use your oven, put the balls on a cooking sheet pan and bake at 200F for 25 min (the amount of time depends on how intense your oven is)

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