When I was growing up, in Panama we did not have malls. I mean we had plazas and one «mall» that had so so stores and no AC, (if you are familiar with Panama weather, AC is a must or you die of heat and humidity hahaha). We also didn’t have access to american brands so for me to get things that fitted me in the length department was hard.

Anyways, few years later, Panama has evolved and now we have 5 malls around the city and outskirts. For sure, this makes shopping a whole lot easier, specially if you don’t want to deal with traffic.

Today’s recommendation is basically the stores I like to go to, to find that unique piece of clothing for a special occasion and not look like the rest, to stand out.

I am very picky with my clothes, I am not into sparkly, very tight pieces. I am more on the flowy, cut and design type of clothes.

Hope you enjoy my picks of stores and visit them when in town, you will not be disappointed.

For the number one position, it’s a tie between Uber Shop and Quinta Estacion.

I love these two stores. At Uber I go to find almost everything that you might need, from beach wear to fancy dresses for weddings, shoes, accessories. You can complete an entire look in this one place. The best part is that it’s not over priced and sometimes they have awesome sales.


My other fave is Quinta Estacion. This store is a very tiny place in the San Francisco area and another one in the Costa del Este area. Both places are small, quaint and you can find Colombian designers, one of a kind pieces. This store is all about design and cut. Not as affordable but for sure worth the investment depending on the event you have and how much of an impact you wish to make.


Now, if you are looking for a funky, quirky, different store, then Cupcakes is the store for you. I love this store because before it was a store, the owner, Yeimi would sell all clothes via Facebook. She would upload the pictures, put the sizes she had them in and the price and voila it would sell.

Slowly, the business has grown and now they have an online shop with delivery nationwide plus the store.


This store, I recommend if you are young at heart and are looking for a unique piece here and there. If you are more on the serious, business side then this store is not really for you but if you are looking for funky, festival type clothes, then go for it. You will have a great time visiting.

These are my top recommendations. In another post, I’ll continue with more shopping ideas besides clothes 😉





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