When I was younger I used to love the sun. I would lay out to tan at noon and then off course because I am so white I would burn because I would do it without protection.

I mean, back then, there was not as much information about sun damage as there is today. The only results this got me is that nowadays as an adult, I have had to have treatment to fix all the sun damage from when I was younger.

I started taking care of my skin, sun related, around 6 or 7 years ago and now I cannot stop. I wear sunscreen every day it does not matter if it is cloudy or not, I lather it on. I keep it in my bag, in my pocket for when I do a long run and need a touch up. Maybe it’s a bit drastic but to be honest it is amazing how well my skin has responded.

I don’t just use any sunblock because some of the tend to leave my skin greasy. I have found these to be amazing for beach, running or just going about your day.

ISDIN is very light, amazing coverage and you can even retouch over your makeup without leaving it pasty, white and greasy.

UMBRELLA is also fantastic. I use this one for the beach or when I run. It is a bit heavier but I have been in the harshest of suns and it has protected me 100%

SUPER GOOP is amazing, my husband saw it being recommended by Maria Sharapova and he was sold. It has worked great for us, face and body but also for our kids.

What are your go to sunscreens?

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