Nude lips give me life, yes, you read correctly, LIFE!

Hahahaha, ok so the reason is as follows. I used to only wear lipgloss or lip balm, I wasn’t big on lipstick because I just felt it would start rubbing off during the course of the day and the constant retouching just drives me up a wall. One day I saw a friend with a nude lip and thought to myself I need this shade in my life, the reason, it makes your lips look plump and healthy. It gives your overall makeup such elegance.

Now, do you know how to choose the correct shade of nude lipstick for your skin tone? Well, as I did my research, the best way to know your shade is the color of your nipple is the correct shade of nude you should use. Yes, I know, zero what you would expect but actually makes perfect sense.

I tried and looked, and for my skin tone, my perfect nude is Honey Love or Velvet Teddy both from MAC Cosmetics.





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