Hey guys! Ok so, I think most people had no idea I had breast implants, I guess the main reason is I just wanted mine to be small and have a nice shape to them. That was my main goal at the time.

Flash forward to 2020 and during quarantine I came to the realization that I was going to have 20 year old implants in me and I was supposed to have changed them a while back. So the research began.

I had heard of this plastic surgeon, Jacqueline Richa, attending at Pacifica Salud. I went to her and immediately decided that she was the one. I also had no doubts I wanted to have my surgery in a hospital and what better place than Pacifica Salud. When you are going to do something like this you not only have to trust your doctor but the hospital, specially during COVID where you want to make sure you will be well taken care of.

Prior to the surgery I went to get my tests done, all at Pacifica Salud. When you walk in a concierge greets you, a well-dressed, really nice and patient man (no one likes walking into a hospital) that will take your temperature and guide you to where you have to go.

As you walk in to the lab, social distancing is practiced all around; everyone greets you with a smile and helps you feel at ease with the entire process. The results came back looking good and in no time, so I was ready for my surgery.

Walking into my surgery, again, every one was really nice and helpful. Even getting my IV, a nurse came in and held my hand; they kept my bed warm and all my things in a safe clean area. In general I never felt insecure or afraid to catch anything. 

After arriving home I also talked to my husband, who the poor thing waited for me for like 8 hours, and he said he always felt ok and secure while waiting for me.

Finally, my message to you is, make sure the hospital you choose is following protocol to a T, don’t delay your procedure because of COVID, it could be a lot worse than COVID if you wait. In my case, Pacifica Salud is going above and beyond for the well being of their patients.

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