Hey everyone! happy to start this new week with a kinda funny story on how we, my husband and I, started buying stuff for our kid. As you have seen before, we have been through quite the journey to get to this point of excitement. Back in December we went to Miami for Art Basel. My husband loves art so it’s something we do every year only this time we had to fit in getting stuff for our kid. Anyways, as soon as we landed in Miami we drove to Buy Buy Baby, everyone told us it was the store to go to get all things baby and the best prices. I did my research and it looked great, off course, I know nothing baby related so I believe everything people tell me, well, almost everything.

Ok so, back to the story, we land in Miami and go straight to the store. When we walk in we literally were not prepared for how huge this store was, oh my, imagine a huge huge warehouse filled with baby stuff you didn’t even know you needed. We stood at the entrance for a good five minutes without moving, just staring. Then my husband turns around and tells me to get started as if I knew how or where things were.

First of all, there is someone in charge of every department. They are specialists in their baby area and by specialists I mean they know everything!!! We started with the stroller area and we encountered the best sales guy ever! He was so patient and explained one by one of the strollers as well as car seats. It was overwhelming but so fantastic to be able to hear him out and it allowed us to make our own decision on what stroller we wanted (we went with the UppaBaby Vista). These two things lasted for about two hours of talking to the guy so after that, we were drained.

We walked around the store and looked at all things baby from clothes to bottles, everything you could imagine. For sure, it is overwhelming and tiring but talking to someone who has experience like this sales guy put us at such ease and gave us a clear picture of what we actually needed urgently and what was not so urgent. This store was truly an amazing experience for first time parents to go to.

I wish we had something like that here in Panama but oh well, good thing for online purchases 馃檪

As I write this I am in my 33 weeks of pregnancy so I am almost done. I am getting all my ducks in order as my mom says and although it feels a bit overwhelming at first, I just feel deep inside like a strong woman that can for sure tackle this challenge. Both my husband and I are looking forward to this stage in our lives.

And well, what we enjoy right now…staying in staring at our huge pile of baby stuff and then staring at my belly to see how he moves in all directions.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if there is anything you would like for me to share, I am an open book.


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