So happy to bring you this month a new getting to know. I thought that I was not going to be able to do it because we are under strict quarantine again so being able to film, get the clothes has been not easy, but, I am thankful again for Astrud Cordero from Physical that pushed me to not get discouraged and push forward. So here we are, I am happy to introduce Andrea Sousa Pitti. She is an amazing panamanian designer that has been creating since January 2015.

Andrea is not your typical designer, she grew up in a family that was both creative but also very much focused on the traditional careers. She first studied law and then influenced by her mom, she went into design. First she did a summer at Parsons and later decided to attend Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

When she creates Andrea likes to do her research. Every collection has a story and a reason why. This season’s collection was a bit different, Cómodo, instead of research of the exterior, it was more of an introspection, what’s happening now, how are we feeling. This collection is about essentials but still with design and personality, practical and functional that can work for every moment of the day.

Talking to Andrea and listening to her plans, she has become a small corporation with the help of her brother Diego. They have formed a great team to be able to create a global brand that caters to everyone, from Panama to the world.

I am true fan of her work, the quality and professionalism is above and beyond. She is truly focused with a clear concept of where she is headed. If you are in the market for good quality, transitional pieces that can be worn throughout the day for any occasion, she is your girl. Make sure to follow her on IG @sousapitti or shop on her online page

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