For as long as I can remember Ganexa has existed, since 1980. It was the first art school in Panama where people could go and study any form of art. For Panama standards this was a novelty, all superior level schools had careers focusing more on business, Doctors, lawyers, that sort of thing.

Ganexa started with the career in fashion design back in 1984 thanks to Miguel Mella, from the Dominican Republic, designer and sculpture that worked in Altos del Chavon and University of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. They were largely supported by the event then called Dias de Moda, now Fashion Week where students could feature their pieces on a more global scale. They were asked to help out with backstage, organization and a select few where chosen to show their pieces on the runway.

Being in this industry is hard, specially in Panama. Trying to get ahold of good craftsmanship and good quality fabrics is not that easy here, having them search for fabrics and manufacturing outside of Panama making the product more expensive than it should be when it comes the time to sell it.

As for the virtual classes Ganexa has managed to defeat the odds, even with the practical part of the courses. They do a lot of screen shares, they have their equipment at home to work on and so keep moving forward despite the odds.

There have been many students that have continued to do great things after graduating, developing their own brands and selling their collections like Velkis Montenegro (@by_vlck), Josse Karlo (@societejossekarlo).

Ganexa is open to anyone that wants to study with them, whether it be local or international, they want you to come and enjoy this wonderful experience that is creating. If you are interested here is more information.

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