Hello loves! Continuing our weekly gift guide prior to Christmas. Today is the men’s turn. Personally, I don’t like giving my husband a shirt. I know some men like it, but I really try to push it so that it will be something fun and different that he doesn’t expect.

Yes, it can be quite hard at times but, who doesn’t like a good challenge once in a while.

Here it goes:

  1. Magnetic wristband: practical for men who love to be fixing everything around the house.
  2. Sleeping eye mask: my husband loves a good eye mask and this one is just above and beyond to help your man relax
  3. Back massager: during stressful times, everyone needs a good massage. This will save his life
  4. Toiletry bag: this I loved because it looks really amazing, classy and the best part is you can personalize it

These are just some ideas to give to your man that are practical, fun and above all, budget friendly.

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