I was recently in Paris. It was a much needed getaway my husband and I needed after a year of many changes and adaptation. We both feel it is very important to getaway even if it is for the weekend to reconnect.

For this trip I wanted to look stylish an attractive for him but at the same time dress accordingly to the fall weather that is ever changing.

I tried to pack basics so I could mix and match my outfits so they would always look different and most importantly, be comfortable for the cold and all the walking.

My shoes did have heels, so I strongly recommend if your heel is chunky and square then go for it but still, take some lifestyle tennis shoes so you can give your feet a rest. Also, I always take a backpack when I travel. This time around I went for this small Bottega cross body and it was so much more comfortable, best idea ever.

What do you guys think, you liked?

Slouchy jeans with boyfriend sweater

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